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Again just a warning of some swears in here, not too many though! Just a little warning and I hope you enjoy! ^^


Throwing yourself down on a patch of grass well away from the football field, you laughed through your breathless pants.

"Wh-what was that?"

"What?" Jean laid sprawled out next to you on the grass, also a heaving breathless mess.

"Catch you later Bill?"

"Well I had to say something, and besides I didn't see you attempting anything so I kinda rolled with it." Jean rolled his honey eyes, trying his best to calm his beating heart. Despite the both of you being on sport teams, you were both out of breath from the run to get away from the poor care taker.

"Catch you later Bill." You repeated, shaking your head at the boys words, finally laying back in the grass as Jean was doing.

The copper boy didn't answer you, the only noise he made was the staccato pants and gasps leaving his mouth as he attempted desperately to gain his breath back. In the silence, your other senses picked up and you were suddenly incredibly aware of how close to you Jean was.

Laid side by side, heads facing the clouds, shoulders almost touching. The skin of your hand danced and tingled beside Jean's own, very nearly overlapping yours. He looked almost serene like this, no smart ass look, no condescending smirk, but a look of pure relaxation. The light from the angle of which you were laid filtered down onto his face, highlighting the sharp sculpted angle of his nose, strong jaw line, rounded lips...

And suddenly you remembered.

Holy crap! I just snogged the heck out of Jean Kirschtein!

Instead of calming down, your heart rate increased recalling the warmth of those soft looking lips on yours, and your hand rose to lightly trace over where he'd kissed you like you couldn't quite believe it.

Rolling on to your side to look at the copper haired man, your cheeks started heating up already.

Oh man, this is going to be fun.

"Uh, Jean...?"

"Yeah?" He turned to face you, that serene look still playing havoc with your heart.

"Why did you kiss me back there?" You forced yourself to say the words, your eye contact slipping.

Jean's own face was now also a burning mess once again. Why had he kissed her? It was like he'd  been taken over by some irresistible force, looking at her sat there like that, curled up in his jacket, talking away to him like she'd never done before.

"I uh... I was caught up in the moment I guess. I'm sorry, shouldn't have done it." Jean could not make that honey gaze look at you no matter how hard he tried as the lie fell off his tongue, which didn't matter so much as you too couldn't bring yourself to meet his eyes.

"Yeah you...shouldn't have."

Laying back down on the grass, you felt... Odd. Like, almost... disappointed at his answer. Which didn't make any sense, why would you care if he said sorry and seemed to regret the choice to kiss you?

He said he shouldn't have done it... Does that mean he does regret it then? He's quieter than usual too...

"Maybe we should head back. Marco will be worrying about me no doubt." Jean rolled his eyes, pushing the pressing matter of processing what he'd just done to the back back back part of his brain.

"True, and Sasha is probably running around like a headless chicken. Or eating one." You agreed, also pushing the weird sinking feeling out of your mind.

In a relatively calm silence, the two of you walked back to the school dorms, both thinking over the exact same moment in your head.


As usual the cafeteria was bustling, but this time there was an even greater sense of excitement exerting from the cheer team and the football team. Hitch had called a meeting to deliver some surprise news you had been told upon moments of your return. This had caused many members to almost buzz in excitement but you couldn't really care less, focusing on one particular event in your recent past.

When you had finally returned to your dorm room, there had been a huge onslaught of questions as you had anticipated. You had told the girls how you were locked in the changing rooms, and had talked to Jean a little bit... But you completely omitted out the part about the snogging. To be quite honest, you weren't sure if you were ready to go over that with yourself let alone an audience...

But annoyingly however, Sasha pointed out that you didn't have your clothes, (and also therefore your phone) back either, which meant that you would have to talk to Copper again to get them back. Sasha didn't know of course that you had been otherwise occupied and getting your stuff back had been the last thing on your mind.

Sighing heavily, you placed your plastic tray down on the metal bars, waiting for your turn to be served by the dinner ladies. Sasha was one place in front of you, drooling over the choices she had.

"There's a bit of a queue isn't there?" A voice suddenly caused your heart to stop and your head snapped up to look at the source of the sound. Sure enough, your very own Copper rival was walking with his friend Marco, coming over to join you at the queue.

Oh stop it heart, what the hell are you doing?

You concluded that the odd beating was to do with nerves and nothing else.
Jean's honey eyes also met yours as he continued walking to join the line, his grip tightening around the red plastic tray he held.

Shit she's here...okay Jean just...act natural yeah. Natural. I can do that.

"Hey." He squeaked as he stood next to you in the line.

God damn it.

He cringed at the awkward high tone of his voice, but thankfully, you barely noticed. You were concentrating hard on attempting to act normal yourself.

All we've ever done is take the mess out of each other and prank each other, how exactly do I act normal around him?

"He-hey." You stammered, equally as awkward.

Marco raised his eyebrows at the odd exchange, also in the dark about what had happened between you too. However he just shook his head almost in awe, and also greeted you with his usual friendly smile. Part if him was happy about the confusing exchange.

I knew they'd sort their differences out!

"Not a, uh, a lot on today is there?" Jean coughed out his sentence as he and Marco joined your queue, attempting to gesture with his hand to the small range of food. Unfortunately, his hand came into contact with a pot of silverware as he waved, which then sent the pot flying.

"Ah!" Jean's face burned as knives and forks clattered to the floor around the three of you.

Oh good one Jean, hella smooth.

"You better pick those up young man." The dinner lady glared at the mortified red faced teen, who nodded profusely and bent down to start scooping up cutlery. Sasha was temporarily brought out of her food daze as she heard the commotion around her.

"Jeeze Jean, what are you doing?"

"Ugh, I didn't see them." Jean mumbled, his face a burning red. Trust him to make a screw up right now in front of her.

"Sorry, we'll get this cleaned up." Marco apologised to the still glaring dinner lady, who then snapped at Sasha to hurry up.

"Come on girl I've not got all day."

"You can't rush food y'know!" And once again, the brunette returned to choosing her meal.
Beneath you the copper haired teen scrabbled along the floor in a hurry to pick up the knocked utensils, and you felt... Bad for him, watching him picking up in a frenzy. Even from your angle you could see his cheeks were a brilliant red. Maybe you should help him...

I must be crazy. You wondered in your head, but before you could change your mind you knelt down on the floor, eye to eye with your favourite copper haired boy.

"Here, let me help." You mumbled, also feeling your cheeks heat up as you too began to pick up the dropped items. It was odd, as this wasn't something you'd usually do for Jean, and you weren't quite sure how he'd react... So you kept your eyes down, carrying out your task with diligence. Completely unaware of the two sets of eyes curiously staring at you...

Jean watched you for a moment or two in awe, not believing your offer of help. In all the time you two had known each other... This was the nicest thing either of you had done. If of course, you didn't count the snogging, the jacket wearing, the civil talking...

Why is she being nice to me...?

Honey eyes followed your figure as you scooped up knives and forks fast and with ease. Her swift movements were elegant, quick and... Almost hypnotic. Little fingers picked up the utensils quickly, reminding him of moments before...

Those fingers were touching me not too long ago...

A subtle cough from behind his ear brought him back to his senses. Marco was stood just behind him, his hands also full of silverware.

"You uh, you okay there buddy?" He nodded his head towards you, obviously catching on to his staring, confused by it. And why wouldn't he be? All you'd ever done was be mean to each other. Why wouldn't he be completely surprised by this show of niceness?

Shaking himself out of it, Jean simply nodded to his friend and continued picking up the knives and forks until finally they were all back in the pot (and also out of sight so no one could use them). With a nervous breath, Jean turned to face you again.

"Thank you [name]." The corners of his mouth lifted slightly, a genuine smile. His cheeks were still dusted a slight pink, and one hand came up to scratch the back of his neck awkwardly. Standing in front if you like a big dork... Jean seemed kind of...cute.

Oh heck no, did I just think that? Ugh it's that stupid kissing, it's messing with my head.

"It-it's no problem. I'll see you later yeah? Sasha I'll be sat in our usual spot." You babbled quickly and spun on your heel in Sasha's direction and tapping her on the shoulder before Jean could say anything.

"[Name] wait, don't you want any food? [name]? [Name]!" Sasha called after your retreating figure, but soon you ducked out of sight. Sasha sighed as her final choice was at last put on her plate.

"I don't know how she does that." She shook her head and patted her tummy.

"You certainly couldn't." The dinner lady grumbled.

Jean also watched your retreating figure, wondering what possibly caused your sudden rushed escape.

"Young man? Honestly, wake up, it's your turn!" The snarky voice of the dinner lady drew Jean out of his thoughts, and with a slight frown, he turned to choose his meal.


Tummy full and mood relaxed, Jean strolled through the hallway aiming for the main hall on his own. Marco had gone ahead to snag the two of them some seats, and Jean had quickly gone to the toilets.

What would I do without Marco.

Smiling, Jean stretched his arms up, quite content. A morning snog and a filling meal was always a winning combination in his eyes. Suddenly those honey orbs tightened slightly, thinking about that kiss again...

He still hadn't thought about it properly. He was saving that for when he was tucked up in bed, when it's quiet and he could just go over things. Like, what the hell did it mean? Why exactly did he feel compelled to do it?

It was some damn good snogging though. Jean smirked to himself, replaying the scene for the hundredth time.

Hmmm, I wonder if-

Suddenly a loud noise from his right cut off his thought.


"What the hell?" Jean had time to wonder before his back was thrown against the wall of the corridor roughly by some unseen force.


"Wh-what the... Jaeger?" Jean almost spat the boys name as Eren held him against the wall in a tight and angry hold.

"What the heck is bitting you Jaeger? Let go of me!"

"What the hell are you playing at?" Eren snapped, his aqua eyes burning with anger. Jean however was flabbergasted.


"I said, what's your deal huh!?" Eren demanded again, his fists tightening in Jean's jacket so he couldn't escape.

"I don't have time for this Jaeger, we've been called to the hall and-"

"Just tell me God damn it! I won't let you hurt her!" Eren's glare shot through Jean, but the honey eyed man picked up on the formers use of pronoun.

He'd said her. He could guess quite easily who he meant now.

"What the hell, I'm not going to hurt her what have you been smoking?" He answered, now just as angry as Eren was. How dare he accuse him of that?

"This is not the time for jokes and you do not want to push me right now. I saw you. In the canteen. There's no use pretending to be nice to her so you can drop her on her ass later on, I won't let you do it."

And then the penny dropped. It all suddenly became clear what Eren was angry about, and if Jean was quite honest... It was hilarious just how wrong the angry teen was. To Eren's dismay, Jean smirked quite profoundly.

"Oh I see. You think I was pretending to be nice."

"Wipe that smirk off your face." Eren interrupted, Jean's grin pissing him off more than anything right now. The latter ignored him however, his wolffish smile still very much intact.

"I'll let you in on a little secret Jaeger, just for you. There was no pretending. Me and [name] have an odd little truce going." Jean explained triumphantly, watching with way too much glee as the boys face dropped, and a confused frown tugged at his features.

"What the hell are you talking about Kirschtein?" He demanded, his hold of Jean's jacket tightening in worry.

"Just exactly as I told you. Let's say we kissed and made up." Jean's grin widened a fraction at his own joke, reveling in Eren's tortured expression. Of course, the angry teen had no idea exactly how accurate that phrasing had been...

"You guys hate each other. It's well known around all the school." Eren's voice had lost all conviction, and the sentence sounded for all the world a sad question. Was what Jean saying true? They were no longer at each other's throats?

"Tsk tsk, we've never actually hated each other. It's okay, you'll understand when you're older and a bit more matured." The quip left Jean's tongue sharply, and he began to walk away and out from under Eren feeling victorious with himself, when the latter suddenly grabbed hold of Jean and threw him back against the wall once more. The boy was seething, and even more repulsed at the fact that Jean seemed to be enjoying this.

"Jaeger will you cut it out!?"

"I meant what I said earlier Jean. You won't hurt her."

"Oh come off it already. I know you're jealous." The honey eyed man watched as Eren pulled away slightly in surprise, as if someone had discovered a secret of his.


"What...?" Eren stammered, his hands finally dropping to his sides with surprise. Jean shook his head, irked at his false unawareness.

"I know you like her. I can tell."

" what if I do?" Eren shrugged. There was no use denying it any longer, especially from this idiot. Jean on the other hand was... Quite surprised Eren had given in so easily. But for some reason, this only seemed to ignite his temper more.

"I think maybe you should back off."

"Hell no Kirschtein, why would I do that? We are friends after all, we have more than just a little truce."

Jean gritted his teeth at Eren's biting comment, realising there was an element of truth there. For some reason, [name] seemed to like this hot head as a friend at the least. Although the copper haired man didn't know why.

"What makes you think you'll ever be anything more? I'd like to think she has better taste in guys."

"What like you?"

The answer to Eren's question came out before Jean could even stop it or even think about what he was saying.

"Yeah, maybe."

Wow what the fuck am I saying? That came out of nowhere, why would it matter if she liked me or not...? I just must want to rile Jaeger up that bad. That's all.

Eren's ticked off voice interrupted Jean's inner monologue.

"You're so full of yourself Kirschtein, how do you manage to carry around that gigantic swelling head of yours?"

"Tch, sounds to me like you're afraid of some competition Jaeger."

"Oh really? But how do you know she doesn't like me too?"

"...we'll just have to see who's she's more favourable to then, huh?" Jean's honey eyes flashed with his sudden idea. Right now he wasn't thinking about why he was thinking this or why on earth he was even going as far as to carry it out.

Eren glared in response, letting go of the fistfuls of Jean's jacket he again had grabbed to then stab him in the chest with his index finger.

"You're on Kirschtein."

And with a meaningful angry turn, Eren left and stomped off to the assembly in an angry storm. Jean shook his head, still processing what the hell had happened.

Damn I must really want to annoy Jaeger. That's it. Of course that's it...

Pushing the thought out of his head, Jean also walked in the direction of the main hall, ready to listen to the meeting (well sort of) and fill Marco in on Eren's stupid crush.


Stupid Eren and his stupid ridiculous crush. Jean seethed from the 100th time. Arms folded, he glared straight ahead and across the room, his honey gaze fixed on one particular aqua eyed brunette. Who was currently sat in the opposite assembly hall bleachers next to her.

Jean watched with anger in his stomach as Eren said something to her, and she laughed

He's really taking this seriously. He actually wants to get her to like him back. Shit, I knew he liked her but I didn't know just how much.

An odd feeling perturbed Jean at how fast he thought Eren was moving.

"Jean." The voice on his left spoke and he turned round the see Marco smiling at him.

"Yeah buddy?"

"You're glaring again."

"I...I know." A heat creeped up into Jean's cheeks as he failed to think of anything to say. He was glaring a lot at Eren, and Marco noticed. That was that.

Damn how embarrassing. But this feeling is so odd. Why the hell does seeing him with her like that make me want to try hard at this?

Marco watched his best friend as he frowned ever so slightly in confusion, and Marco sighed. He'd recently caught on to what what was up with Jean before he himself did, with the constant staring, the awkwardness in the cafeteria, and now the glaring at Eren... It was obvious to the freckled teen that Jean liked this girl. He wasn't sure exactly how much as he wasn't Jean after all, but he knew that the attraction was there.

Turning away from the copper haired man Marco shook his head, hoping his friend would figure it out on his own.

Heaven knows what he'd say if I told him.

If that happened he'd probably fly off the handle and deny any feelings in a mad protest, while blushing profusely probably.

No, this was one Jean had to figure out on his own.

And for the love of God Jean do it soon. Marco rolled his eyes.

Across the hall, Eren sat beaming away. He'd caught Jean's angry glare from the other side of the hall, and it only made him feel better. But if he was honest, he wasn't even thinking about the talk he and Jean had, he just really enjoyed [name]s company.

"I wonder when Hitch is getting here." You asked aloud. Sasha sat on your left yawned, having only just got out of bed from her afternoon nap.

"Hopefully soon, I'm-"

"Let me guess, starving?"

"Well I was going to say bored, but yeah, that too."

You and Eren laughed at your friend, Sasha also joining in and suddenly you felt warm inside. It was great having friends that you liked and could easily get along with, it felt almost like a home away from home. But a tiny part of you just niggled at the back of your mind that something wasn't quite perfect.

All that's missing is...

Your [e/c] eyes stopped and landed on one copper individual...

Why is it that I feel like his missing? I suppose rivals are a big part of each other's lives...

"Hello ladies and gents of the cheer and football teams!" A spritely voice sounded and you turned and snapped yourself out of it to see Hitch bound onto the stage in the centre of the hall. Grinning she waved at both sides of the hall, her boyfriend Boris also walking onto the stage. Hush descended on the hall as Hitch took a breath ready to speak.

"I've called you all here to announce some exciting news! You will all be able to take part in something called... The Games." Hitches eyes sparkled, and something in your mind told you that this didn't sound good. Members of the MM who were stood on the stage grinned, as they already knew about said games. Chatter in the hall rose.
Waving a hand again to recall order, the noise levels dropped again and Hitch continued her speech.

"The Games have their benefits, and they also have their draw backs. They break a few school rules for example... But the rewards are heavily worth it. The winner of each round of The Games receives points - which go towards your final score of the year which determines if you can get into our group from the top ten list, or if you will be left to find your own way into Gang Garrison or... The survey strikers." She spoke the last group as if it was a dirty curse, and members of the MM that she had brought to the hall laughed as if the notion was a stupid one.

You felt Eren beside you tense and angry waves roll off him. Him getting angry right now was a bad idea, he had a reputation for being a hot head after all. In an attempt to calm him down, you laid a hand on the top of his and shot him a warning look.

Not here. It said.

Eren's aqua gaze met yours, and slowly he nodded. An agreement and a thank you. After smiling at him, you turned back around to listen to the announcement, completely oblivious to Eren's hammering heart at the simple contact.

"To everyone who wishes to compete will be sent a letter, describing the details of that nights games and the task which you will have to under go. You can be eliminated from the games if you do not follow the rules on the letter, and this will severely hurt your chances of making top ten."

Your stomach churned at her last sentence. Did you still even want to do that? Getting into the MM would be ideal, having life easy would mean you could concentrate on getting your good grades to secure your future... But these 'games' sounded a little dangerous.

But if I don't compete, then I'm letting other people take my spot from the top ten... I don't think now we'll be able to win on talent alone. If I want in, then I'm going to have to play. You realised with a horrible feeling.

So be it.

"You must and I meant must, have a partner on these games as some trials will require pairing up. Those who are willing to join must do so in twos."

The hall started buzzing again as people claimed partners already. Looking around you hoped that Sasha would be wanting to join in. But before you could say anything however, Sasha beamed and showed you a text message she'd just received, shoving the phone in your face.

"Want to partner up partner?" it read, and Eren almost chuckled from beside you.

That line is too oddly familiar to be coincidence.

Eren had used that line on you for the practise dance, and when Connie had asked about how he'd asked you, he'd told him this line. Which he'd obviously taken a liking to.

"It's Connie!" Sasha confirmed Eren's suspicions, and you smiled while feeling a little disappointed.

Damn you Connie for getting there first.

Suddenly you felt a little tap on your shoulder and you turned to face Eren who was smiling awkwardly.

"Hey [name], do you uh, want to partner up?" He asked, tilting his head to the side in question. He looked cute when he did that, like an inquisitive puppy.

"Eren? I thought you didn't want to get into the top ten." You wondered.

"I don't, I want a place in the Survey Strikers, but you want to be in the top ten and I believe your best friend has already been claimed." He gestured to the brunette giddily typing back a reply. Well, he was right of course and you didn't want to be on your own otherwise you couldn't get in.

For a second your eyes drifted to the other side of the hall, wondering...

Nah, he will be partnering up with Marco and besides, I don't want to partner up with him. No way. Abolishing the thought quickly, you nodded gratefully at Eren, accepting his offer.

"Alrighty then partner."

Meanwhile, as Hitch had told competitors to partner up, Jean's honey gaze also had travelled across the hall to land on a [h/c] haired figure.

Shit... She'd never want to partner up with you Jean, don't even try.
The copper boy turned to Marco and gave him a light punch to which Marco smiled at. They were partners on this thing now.

Still, even though Jean loved Marco like a brother and they were long term best friends, he still felt a little... Disappointed at not being able to partner up with... With her.

Huh, at least Jaeger- what the fuck!?

Jean had cast his glance in Eren's direction again, thinking that he wouldn't compete due to the fact that he wanted to join the Survey Strikers, but what he saw was much different. The hot head teen had his arm threaded through hers, and they were talking together. They were partnered up.

Jean could feel the anger swirling inside of him.

How low can you get!? He doesn't even want to be part of the MM! Selfish little - wait why isn't she partnered with Sasha?

Suddenly an awful thought struck Jean as he considered the possibility that [Name] had gone to Eren first. Not the other way around.

No way... She wouldn't have picked him over her best friend...

But a voice to the left of him put Jean out of his misery.

"Heck yeah, Sasha agreed!" Connie fist pumped as he put his phone away, having read Sasha's acceptance text.

Jean let go of a breath he hadn't been aware he was holding.

She can't like him that much then... I hope...

But still, seeing those linked arms left an uneasy feeling in the copper haired teen's stomach.

Damn it. He thought.

<<<Part 6

Part 8>>>
So here is the next little installment! Jean is internally struggling with the odd feelings your giving him... Hope he catches on soon! 

Got some ideas already for the next chappie, I'll try and squeeze some writing time in between all this work I've got >.> (over in three weeks I really can't wait!) 

Anyway I hoped you liked it (I enjoy writing the Eren/Jean jealous spat xD) And as always comments are welcome! ^^
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