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Logan was entirely pissed off. Word had got out about him and Bruner cornering someone in the corridors and being chased off by Levi, and of course, the two of them had been chewed out by Boris for letting the MM reputation down.

So now he was humiliated, revengeful and beyond mad.

He was going to be a failure in a long line of successes, and those successes would live up to their reputation and most likely pummel him if he didn't get his own reputation going. But back in the MM offices, no one was talking about him. No, they were talking about the newest member if the [last] family, and watching her very closely...

That girl...she seemed to have no clue about her own heritage. Could she really not know who she is...? We could use this to our advantage...

Logan was still stuck on getting her kicked out of the limelight, and fully intending on taking her place. It was lucky for him that Bruner was too dumb to recognise his true meanings behind kicking the girl out, he just went along with what Logan wanted, practically carrying out his personal vendetta.

Dear, stupid Bruner. What would I do without you. His eyes travelled over to said boy, sat on the edge of his bed. Bruner, at Logan's request, had a little radio that he was fiddling with in his hands. Sharp crackles could be heard now and then as he tinkered with the machine in attempt to get it to work.

"How's it going? Got anything yet?" Logan asked the black haired boy.

"I think I'm getting something, it's very muffled though." Bruner frowned, twisting the dials in an effort to get a signal.

The meeting would be starting soon between the main members of the MM and they wanted to listen in, but with them not being higher ranking they'd had to... Resort to their own methods. Hence the radio currently sat in Bruner's hands.

"Wait...I got it!" The boy fist pumped, proud with his work. Logan excitedly sat next to him, both eagerly listening to the slightly crackly sound of the radio.

"...the trainees this year?" Boris's voice could be heard faintly through the weak signal the two eavesdroppers were getting. Logan almost licked his lips with anticipation.

"There are some strong contenders this year I think." Hitch answered her boyfriend and mutual sounds of agreement could be heard from the few other people in attendance.

"Mikasa Ackerman has shown much promise. I believe she'll be at the top of her ranks."

"Agreed. She's strong in all areas of training, and deals with anything thrown at her. We'll definitely offer her a place."

"Hitch...what about the [last] girl...? I know you're worried."

There was a heavy silence as no answer was immediately given to Boris. Logan's fist tightened, his nails digging into his skin.

" concerned about where her allegiances lie. She hasn't shown preference to either us or the Survey Suckers yet but... She would certainly be useful to us."

"But doesn't her past say her mother was-"

"I know about her past!" Hitch snapped, cutting off the other person harshly. There was a short silence as Hitch gathered her thoughts.

"This is why I am worried about what side she will choose. We may need some persuasion...but let her decide for now."

"Apparently she was seen talking to Levi because of those two idiot delegates attracting his attention."

The two said idiots flushed at this, realising how regrettable their actions had been that day. Not because they were horrible, but rather because they had gotten caught.

"Yes...were they seen to?"

"I yelled at them personally." Boris said proudly, indeed having yelled at the two humiliated boys.

"Hitch, we could really use more trainees who are...sly. Talking about idiotic delegates reminded me one of ours nearly got caught handing out cheat sheets."

"What? Careless fool!" Hitch cried, there was a rather loud bang sound, and all was suddenly silent. The silence dragged on for a while as apparently the leader was in deep thought, until suddenly somebody snapped their fingers.

"Maybe it's time the games came back?" Hitch decided, her voice suddenly sounding excited and smug. Giddy murmurs of the other gathered people accompanied Hitch's own excitable tone.

Logan and Bruner looked at each other, fully aware of what 'the games' were but never actually having competed in them themselves. It was something that had been used a while ago to shorten down the list of possible trainees wanting to make the top ten, of making sure that only the sneakiest of trainees got a head start in points...

"Of course... It's the perfect way of hiring sneaky trainees!" Boris agreed whole heartedly, suddenly excited himself.

Logan smiled privately happy with this development, a plan already beginning to form in his dastardly thoughts. These games could be used to their advantage, if they only had a few more details…

"Bruner, keep this connection going in case they release any detail about the games, we could use this to our advantage."

"Aye will do." Bruner nodded, wondering what plan his friend would come up with now. He sincerely hoped it wouldn't get either of them into trouble this time.


By now everyone had heard the news that Marco and Jean had been stuck in a closet together for hours on end, and there had been several different theories as to what went on in there. And more to the point, why they had been in there in the first place.

Of course, these rumours didn't sit well with Jean, but Marco just laughed them off good naturedly. Connie had been walking around checking his shadow every five minutes, paranoid a wild Jean would pop out of nowhere and prank him in return for his forgetfulness. Jean wasn't planning on it however; it was revenge enough just watching the guy jump every time he walked near him.

You meanwhile still hadn't managed to corner Jean yet and demand an explanation for his moves on the football field, but you were sure as hell determined to get your explanation. Right now in the dinner hall seemed a perfect opportunity.

Your [e/c] eyes zeroed in on the back of a copper mop of hair sat a few tables down from you.

Prepare to spill all Kirschtein.

"I'll be back in a minute guys." You told your table and stood up ready to leave in search of Jean's table. Sasha groaned.

"You're leaving again? You've barely even touched your food..."

"You can have it." You rolled your eyes as Sasha beamed at you. You weren't very hungry anyway.

"Where are you off?" Eren asked you, once again bagging the spot to your immediate right. Concern tightened the corner of those aqua eyes as he looked at you.

"Just to have a little chat." And with that you strode purposefully over to where the copper haired boy was obliviously, blissfully eating his breakfast. For now.


"Ah, um, J-Jean..." Marco stammered, his eyes just above Jean's head looking at something behind him. The latter boy looked at Marco confused at his tone.

"What's up buddy?"

" may want to turn around."

Before he could however, a shadow descended over him and he could feel somebody's presence behind him.

Oh no...

Hesitantly, Jean turned around and saw exactly who he thought it would be, looking mighty pissed off with her arms folded and eyebrows pulled down into a frown. He gulped.


"Oh hi Jean. I was thinking we could have a little chat." You told him sweetly, giving him a fake winning smile and taking in his nervous aura. You guessed he knew what you'd come here to discuss, and that you weren’t going to be sweet to him at all.

"Maybe some other time? When there are less people?" His honey eyes were almost pleading with you, inside he was begging you not to do this here.

Well tough.

"Now's good for me." You ignored his plea and plonked yourself down on the bench sat next to him, to his utter dismay. Marco smiled sheepishly at you, not missing his cue.

"I guess I'll leave you guys to it." He stammered, and began to get up.

"Hey what? Why?" Jean’s eyes wheeled to his friend looking slightly alarmed.

"I uh, just remembered I have something to do."

"Marco! You do not! Get back her- Marco! … Traitor!" Jean called lamely after his friends’ hurriedly retreating figure.

"Can it copper, he's gone." You were tired of his theatrics and just wanted your God damn explanation, was that too much to ask for?

"...what is it?" Jean returned his gaze to you, looking weary of what it is you were going to say.

"You know what I want to talk about."

"Can't we talk about it later?"

"Jean, you said that last time and locked yourself in a bloody cleaning cupboard."

"That...that wasn't part of the plan."

"Hiding or getting locked in?"

"Getting locked in."

You sighed heavily and pinched the bridge of your nose. This was going to be harder than you originally thought.

"Look, just tell me what the hell that dance was about!" You sighed exasperated and deciding to get straight to the point. Jean however, had other ideas.

"I...I don't want to talk about it." He mumbled sullenly, and turned back to face his breakfast and away from you.

"Well that’s tough luck Jean, this needs talking about!"

"Then talk about it with Sasha, or better yet Ereeeen." He muttered the last name with a childish tone that really grated on your nerves, his eyebrows pulling down into a slight frown. You had no idea why he’d decided to say Eren’s name like that, but you chalked it up to rivalry.  

"What is your problem? You know that won't solve anything."

"There isn't anything to solve."

That's it then. He was being a childish jerk and there seemed to be nothing you could say that would get him to talk. Instead he was just going to play dumb and immature. You could feel yourself getting more and more wound up about this whole situation; maybe it was time for you to leave and try to cool down somewhere.

"Fine. Be like that Kirschtein. See if I care."

"Okay." He shrugged his shoulders, still not looking at you. You could feel you eye twitch with irritation.

"You ridiculous brat!" You stood up forcefully, knocking the table and causing Jean to finally look at you in surprise.

"At least I didn't pretend to be hiding from someone just so I could get my friend into a closet to snog him!" Fed up you snapped out one of the rumours you'd heard without thinking, and in an angry storm, you left the dining hall in a big fuming ball.

Tch, and she says I’m the childish one… He grumbled, turning back to face his breakfast.

It was then that Jean realised the whole hall was silent. Honey eyes looked up cautiously to see all gazes were on him, looking rather surprised. Jean could feel himself blushing, completely mortified, realising what they had heard.

"She-she didn't mean that! It's not true! Don't look at me like that guys!" Jean begged, eyes swivelling to take in many shocked looking faces. It didn't look like they were going to believe him.

God damn it [name], you are so going to pay for that one... Jean silently fumed to himself. Oh yes he would definitely get her back.


By the time practise came about, Jean was still silently seething. All day he’d been getting weird looks, and your protest that he had shoved Marco in a closet under a false pretence to just get a snog was now the number one rumour circulating about the closet incident. Heavens knew what people were thinking about him.

Jean carried out the warm up stretches on the football field silently, gazing hard into the distance, lost in his own thoughts.

I need to do something to get pay back. This is seriously like the most embarrassing thing to happen to me here. People are looking at me like I’m some sort of sexual predator!

“Hey Jean, you okay?” Marco’s voice cut through Jean’s inner monologue, bringing him back to the present.

“Yeah of course. Why?”

“You’ve been glaring at that same patch of grass for at least ten minutes now. I don’t think it’s done anything to offend you, so there’s obviously something on your mind.” Marco inquired gently, having missed the little show at breakfast. He’d heard the rumour of course, but had no idea how it had come about.

Jean heaved a heavy sigh, going to answer when a voice cut over him.

“Didn’t you hear? He’s Sina Academy’s top predator.” Eren interjected, coming to a stop beside Jean to also partake in the routine warm-up, a shy looking Armin in tow.

“Jaeger, now isn’t the best time so if you don’t mind-”

“I heard about that too.” Reiner suddenly muscled his way over to the forming circle after hearing Eren’s comment, he and Berthold joining in their stretches too.

“Oh brilliant.” Jean groaned, agitated.

“Wait what is all of this?” Marco asked, looking exceedingly confused at the brawny blonde man stood next to him.

“Jean. He’s a sex pest.” Eren jibed again, highly enjoying himself.

“Jaeger, I’m warning you now if you don’t shut up-”

“When was this established?” Marco asked, wanting to be in the loop. These allegations didn’t bother him, he knew the truth and acting flustered only makes them worse (something Jean needed to pick up on) but he was still curious.

“This morning at breakfast.” Reiner informed, pulling his left knee up to his chest while remaining balanced on his right foot.

“Guys, I think you’re missing a crucial point-”

“Just after you left Marco, [name] enlightened us all.” Eren cut over Jean again. The latter was finding it hard to hold himself together and to stop himself reaching boiling point.

“Seriously Jaeger, out of all the space on the field why the helldid you pick here to practise?” Jean hissed, wishing the grinning teen would just leave.

Oh he’s loving this!

“Oh I see.” Marco nodded, clicking on to what happened. Jean must have really wound her up again for her to say something like this.

“We don’t mind though, you know that right?” Berthold decided to speak up for the first time, and suddenly all pairs of eyes in the circle were looking at Jean.


“It really doesn’t bother us, if that’s what you’re worried about.” Bert tried again, looking nervous but attempting an encouraging smile. Jean had had just about enough of this.

“What the hell are you talking about? What doesn’t bother you?”

“You know…if…if you’re that way inclined.” The gentle giant tried his hardest to get across what he meant without trying to upset the honey haired man. Marco seemed cool and accepting, but Jean seemed a little in denial still to Bertl.

Jean stared at the awkward giant in front of him in utter bewilderment, going over what he had said in his head. And that’s when the penny dropped with a hard clang. A deep beetroot took over Jean’s face as he glared at the circle of men in front of him, stretching nonchalantly.

“W-what the heck!? I’m not gay!” He cried, eyes searching for Marco’s in want of some support. The latter didn’t even bat an eye lid, much to Jean’s frustration.

“You have something against gay people Jean?” Eren threw in there, achieving his desired reaction.

“No!” He cried, completely flustered. “Of course not! It’s just I’m not.”

“Are you sure? You don’t have to deny anything.” Armin also decided to speak up, offering what he thought was a supportive comment.

“Christ on a bike is this really happening? It was a rumour okay!? [Name] made it up because she was pissed at me, like always. Marco back me up here!” Jean pleaded at his best friend who heaved a heavy sigh.

“He’s telling the truth guys, just being awfully defensive about it.” Marco confirmed, and to Jean’s slight annoyance, the guys nodded and accepted Marco’s denial no question.

But when I deny it noooo. No one believes Kirschtein do they.

Thankfully coach Shadis took this time to call for everyone’s attention, and the question of Jean’s orientation was forgotten.


Your muscles were sore and aching, your feet were worn out and all you wanted to do was have a nice long bath. That is exactly what you were going to do after changing as you sloped back to the changing rooms when practise finished. The boys had been practising at the same time as you today, and you’d watched as Jean seemed more distracted than usual. At one point he’d seemed to have disappeared as you couldn’t find him anywhere; he must be drained today.

“Well, this was a tiring session.” The usually peppy Christa appeared at the side of you looking worn, Ymir walking close by offering to carry her. She declined with a grateful shake of her head.

“You aren’t kidding, man I’m starving.” Sasha sighed from your other side, rubbing her growling stomach.

“That doesn’t mean much, you’re always hungry.” Ymir pointed out as the four of you reached your lockers in the changing room, Mikasa already there waiting. As soon as you made it over to where she was stood, she tapped you on the shoulder to get your attention.

“Hmm? What’s up?” You asked, rather surprised. Mikasa didn’t often talk to anyone but Eren and Armin, so this was something that didn’t happen often.

“[Name], I think someone has been in your locker. It looked open when I walked in but I didn’t want to mess with it.” She told you, gesturing to the door to your locker that – now that you looked at it – was slightly open.

“The hell…?” Although you were grateful to Mikasa for telling you about it, right now all you could think of was who the hell would do such a thing? And why?


“You’ve done what?” Marco gasped as he stared in horror at his friend.

“Oh come on, it’s pay back. I’m not going to let her win with that rumour, so I thought on the spot. Quite in genius I reckon.” Jean grinned and leant against his locker, proud of himself. If he could preen right now he would be doing so.

“But I thought during training you went to the toilet…?”

“Marco please, I only said that’s where I was going. But really I broke into her locker with ease. She’s going to be so mad when she finds out.” He almost rubbed his hands in glee picturing her angry annoyed face at the discovery.

“Don’t you think this is a bit steep? And you don’t think she’s just going to let it go do you? You know whatever she does next will be far worse.”

“Marco, who’s side are you on?”

The freckled teen sighed, wanting to say there were no sides to this thing, but previous attempts had told him that it wouldn’t be possible to convince him of this point. So he dropped it.

“Well, what did you take from her locker?” Marco asked, and Jean grinned.


“My clothes!” You gasped at the empty part of your locker where the neatly folded pile of your everyday clothes should have been, not to mention your jeans had your phone in their pocket.

“Hey look, this fell out when you opened the door.” Sasha scooped down and retrieved a hurriedly torn piece of paper from the floor, handing it over to you. There was only one side with writing on it, so you read the messily written script out loud.

Maybe next time you won’t make up silly rumours huh?

Anger swirled in your stomach as you guessed easily who had written this note, who had got into your locker, who had taken your clothes. And so had the other girls.

You are so going to pay for this Jean Kirschtein!

“Does that guy have a death wish?” Sasha wondered aloud, voicing all the girls’ thoughts.

“If he doesn’t now, he soon will have.” You hissed, turned on your heel and stalked to the entrance of the changing rooms. After shouting a quick “see you back in the dorms” to your girl mates, you headed out the changing rooms and down to the other side of the football field where the boys changing rooms were.


This week Jean was the last one getting changed in the male changing rooms as he had been too busy wondering where to stash the clothes he’d… borrowed from you. He didn’t know whether to take them or keep them hidden in his locker.

Tch, I just had to leave a note saying it was me didn’t I? At least if I hadn’t have done that then she wouldn’t have known it was me and I’d possibly have lived longer. He was sort of regretting telling you it was him. Well maybe she hadn’t deciphered who’d written the note after all (although he did it so you most likely would on purpose) but there was still a chance that maybe she hadn’t…

“Oh Jeeeean!” You called in the most sickly sweet fashion you could muster. Somehow this sounded more threatening to Jean than if you had screamed his name at him.

God damn it!

Jean was on his own right now. Stupidly he’d let Marco go on without waiting for him, thinking they would just meet up later.

I won’t be able to meet up with him at all if she gets her hands on me! He panicked, listening closely for the sound of her voice drifting in just from outside.

You were currently stood talking to Reiner at the doorway of the changing rooms, arms folded as you spoke.

“Where is he?”

“I assume be he you mean Kirschtein?” Reiner asked, a little smirk playing around his lips.

“That’s the one. Is he still in there?”

From inside the locker room, Jean silently begged that Reiner would have the decency to realise what a predicament he was in, and lie to save his hide.

C’mon Reiner don’t let me down.

“Yeah he’s in there.”

God damn it!

“Jeeean, come out come ooout!” You called again, getting agitated that the fool didn’t just step outside and accept his fate. Reiner had now walked off with Berthold, and no one else seemed to be coming out of the changing rooms.

Jean didn’t know what to do with himself; there wasn’t any other way to leave except through the door where you stood eagerly waiting. Perhaps he could pretend that he had no idea what you were talking about…

Who am I kidding, she would never believe that!

His honey eyes looked over the room, and he realised that there was no one there to help him and he was the last one to get changed.

Ah! Why didn’t I see this plan backfiring against me? Maybe I should have listened to Marco after all.

“That’s it Jean, if you don’t come out here right now, I’m coming in!”

The honey haired man’s blood froze.

She wouldn’t do that…

“One!” You shouted, tapping your foot impatiently. Still, no one came to the door.

There’s no way…


Is there…?

“Three! That’s it I’m coming in!”

Oh shit!

Before he even had time to think about hiding somewhere, you had stormed into the changing rooms in an angry gale, your eyes zeroing in on an incredibly sheepish looking copper haired fool.

“Ah! [N-Name] you can’t just barge in here, this is the men’s room!” He cried, standing in front of his locker.

“I don’t see any men here.” You folded your arms and watched with glee as Jean’s face heated up at your words.


“Where’s my stuff?” You demanded, walking towards him slowly and menacingly, crossing the room at you leisure. He flinched with each step you took while attempting to appear nonchalant. It was not working.

“Wh-what do you mean?” Jean shrank back against his locker and gulped hard as you came to a stop just in front of him.

“Don’t play dumb.”

“Who says I’m playing? Haha…ha…”

“Knock it off.” You narrowed your eyes and leant forward so your faces were millimetres apart, his cool breath fanning over your face as he struggled to keep a normal breathing tempo.

“Where is it?” You whispered, and Jean almost cracked right then.

I’ve got to try and get out of here!

And with that thought he slid across his locker to the left and out from under you, dodging out of your way. You gasped at the sudden movement, and Jean took his chance to dart to the door of the changing room. His fingers closed around the handle of the door way, then he turned on his heel to face you.

You glared at him and he smirked his famous shit eating grin.

“Jean, give me my stuff back or so help me!”

“Not this time, you’ll have to do better next time to catch me.” He grinned and then tugged on the handle of the door.

His face fell.

“Uh…what?” You asked, confused. Surely he’d have made his ‘get away’ by now (you’d planned to let him leave and then tackle him to the ground on the football field).

Again, Jean tugged on the handle of the changing room doors. Hard.

Why…why me? Not again please…

“What’s up with you?” You demanded to know, and Jean turned to face you looking sullen.

“We’re locked in…” He mumbled, paling considerably.

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